A Content Management System Made For Business

Meet the first content management system born to run online businesses. Your website and a central customer database. Email marketing and eCommerce. Web analytics and customer profiling. It's one, central console with everything you need to run your online business.

CMS for Designers

Run your website

Magik Content Management System will host your website and enable YOU to manage it without a programmer.

Magik CMS is built for designers and uses an easy visual approach to content management, which means you don't have to know geek speak to keep the content on your site current. Beyond web pages, you can build an audience with blogs, make secure areas for VIP content... and more. So design away creative friend, and forget the programming headaches your used to.

CMS for Designers

Capture leads

React faster - build smart web forms with Magik CMS that notify you instantly by email and SMS when you get a new customer!

You can use a point-n-click approach to build custom web forms that capture every inquiry in a contact management database, so you'll never lose a lead in the Magik content management system.

CMS for Designers

Know your customers

With Magik CMS, every web inquiry, every purchase and every action is being recorded against a customer record.

Over time you'll get a complete picture of every customer and how they interact with your business, all from your built-in contact database in the Magik content management system.

CMS for Designers

Easy eCommerce

Set up an online storefront and sell your products in a matter of minutes with the Magik CMS online shop management features.

Without extra software, without extra effort you can sell products, fulfill orders, manage stock levels and collect payments automatically inside the Magik content management system.

CMS for Designers

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing available to a business owner.

With Magik CMS, you get a content management system that can send newsletters and other campaigns to targeted lists of customers that you've saved in the built-in contact database.

CMS for Designers

Executive insight

Log in, and you're greeted with an instant overview of how your business is tracking from four key metrics.

From there you can drill down into detailed reports on your website, marketing campaigns and e-commerce performance all from within the Magik Content Management System.

CMS for Designers

What's next...

Don't just take our word for it. There's a reason we called it Magik - Try Magik CMS completely FREE for 30 days and see how easy content management can be! Need a custom design for your site? Magik is a product of MAGNETIK, an award winning agency in New York City!

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  • Run Your Website
  • Capture Leads
  • Know Your Customers
  • Easy eCommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Executive Insight
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Magik CMS is an online, hosted content management system that allows you to:

Build and manage your website
Write a blog and build a forum
Run an online shop and accept payments
Create email marketing campaigns
Build a customer database
Plus, a whole lot more!

How Can Magik CMS Help You?

  • Magik Content Management System Admin Preview

    One Stop For Online Success

    A content management system, email marketing solution and online shopping, plus contact management and analytics.

  • Magik Content Management System was Built for Business

    A CMS Built For Business

    Our Content Management System focuses on what matters to a business owner, and you get a faster return on your investment.

  • Magik Content Management System WYSIWYG Preview

    Easily Manageable For You

    With our content management system you can edit your site, shop and email campaigns yourself. How cool is that?

  • Magikik Content Management System Features Great Support

    Who Says Support Isn't A Feature?

    We're commited to top notch phone and email support. In addition, our online training videos and Wiki really appeal to self starters.

Why Use MagikCMS For Your Website?

Everything is designed to work together easily and intuitively while leaving serious designers the power to create some really cool stuff. Heck, we built this site with Magik!
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